PTSD services offered in Tamarac, FL

Though veterans have a much higher risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), any adult who experiences a traumatic event can end up with the same serious condition. At Ismail MD PA, psychiatrist Saiqa Ismail, MD, has helped many people with PTSD overcome the trauma, learn to manage their symptoms, and return to a fulfilling life. If you struggle with PTSD, call the office in Coral Springs, Florida, or book an in-person or telehealth appointment online today.


What causes PTSD?

PTSD is a mental health disorder that develops after you experience or witness a dangerous, life-threatening, or severely stressful event. You may have PTSD after one significant trauma or multiple exposures to ongoing events.

The traumatic events most often responsible for PTSD include:

  • Military duty
  • Physical assault
  • Sexual assault
  • Emotional or physical abuse
  • Death of a loved one
  • Gun violence
  • Robberies
  • Accidents (automobile, plane, and train)
  • Earthquakes, floods, and tornadoes

Everyone feels anxiety, dread, and fear after a traumatic event, but your emotions should gradually improve. You may have PTSD if you don’t start feeling better or your symptoms worsen.

What symptoms occur due to PTSD?

PTSD causes persistent anxiety together with other symptoms that come and go, often causing unexpected and severe emotional reactions.

In addition to anxiety, you may experience:

  • Flashbacks
  • Nightmares
  • Vivid memories (of the trauma)
  • Sudden angry outbursts
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Depression and sadness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Guilt or shame (that you didn’t stop the trauma)
  • Avoidance symptoms

Many people with PTSD stay isolated from family and friends and remain on edge as they watch for things that might trigger their PTSD.

Having avoidance symptoms means that you stay away from anything that reminds you of the trauma. You may feel so compelled to avoid people, places, and activities that you change your daily routine.

Why do PTSD symptoms flare up?

As you experience a traumatic event, your brain records details like sights, smells, and sounds. However, you’re unaware of them because the memories get tucked into your subconscious.

When you encounter one of those details in everyday life, it connects with your subconscious, pulling difficult memories back into your awareness. As a result, you have sudden intense emotions that can be hard to control.

How is PTSD treated?

Your Ismail MD PA provider values an integrative approach, offering customized care based on your psychiatric evaluation, concerns, and goals.

You can overcome PTSD with treatment from Ismail MD PA. To schedule an appointment, call or book online today. 

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